The Binary Wristwatch

Wear your geek cred on your sleeve! This watch uses a low power micro controller to display the date and time in a unique, eye catching fashion. The bare PCB design and ribbon cable clasp combine with the surface mount components to give an aesthetic that will automatically identify the wearer as one who knows better than to trust the autorouter.


Each watch comes with two female 16 pin connectors and a 9 inch length of ribbon cable (gray with pin one marked in red, black, or multicolored) that can be cut to make a custom length clasp. Just cut the cable to desired length with a pair of scissors and press the headers onto the ends using a vice or a set of pliers. Note that once the connectors are crimped in place, they can’t be moved, so make sure the length is correct before locking the connectors in place.

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It should be obvious, but this product is about as far from ESD safe and waterproof as you can get. All of the components, the circuit board, and the battery are exposed with no housing, leaving them susceptible to water and hazardous ESD conditions. I have personally worn one for months with no issues, but you should probably not wear it outdoors when it’s raining heavily or when you’re standing next to a Tesla Coil, Jacob’s Ladder, or EMP generator.

These watches are available for sale at my storenvy page.

If you want to learn how I made these by hand, check out the imgur album or writeup I put together. ┬áThe user’s manual can be downloaded here, and I put a quick product video on youtube that you can view below.