About the Njneer

I am Jordan Wills, an engineer based out of the Austin, TX area.  I’ve been doing random electronics based projects for a while now, mostly in the realm of micro controllers and embedded systems.  I first picked up an Arduino Duemilanove back in 2009, and have been creating DIY projects in my free time ever since.  When I transitioned to working on the Stellaris team at Texas Instruments, I started focusing heavily on ARM micro controllers for my hobby projects.  Since then, I’ve tried to document most of my projects on this site.

I presently work for Silicon Labs making reference designs for IoT products, but I’m a tinkerer by heart.  My hobbyist pursuits give me cause to learn and gain experience in areas that are rarely the focus of my professional positions.  As a result, on top of my professional embedded systems programming experience, I have a cursory knowledge of a wide range of subjects including digital signal processing, motor control, schematic design, layout, wireless communication, surface mount soldering (via iron, hot air reflow station, and reflow oven), woodworking, 3d printing, CNC milling/routing, mass assembly, shipping logistics, sandblasting, QA processes, social media marketing, and customer support.  If you want to get in contact with me about projects I’ve done or collaborating on future projects, the best route is by email, jordan@njneer.com.  If you want to get in touch with me professionally, LinkedIn is probably your best bet.