I am Jordan Wills, an engineer based out of the Austin, TX area. I’ve been doing random electronics based projects for a while now, mostly in the realm of micro controllers and embedded systems. I first picked up an Arduino Duemilanove back in 2009, and have been creating DIY projects in my free time ever since.

This site is a central hub I use for posting writeups of the various projects I do in my free time and a spot to host software and hardware design files that I commonly reference.  You can also find information about the various products I sell through storenvy here, like instruction manuals and how to videos.

The Binary Wristwatch!

Now fulfilling orders at storenvy

watch black band croppedThis is definitely the furthest I’ve taken one of my hobbyist projects to date.  I started making these as gifts for friends, then decided to see if anyone would be interested in buying them online.  I made a post on reddit about how I make them,  which got a lot of attention and swamped me with demand for them.  Since then, I’ve been scrambling to fulfill orders, and have now gotten to the point where I’m having them mass assembled and shipping orders out to all parts of the world.

For more information about them, including demonstration videos, the product manual, and information about how I make them, check out any of the links on the menu to the left.